If you believe you must have hope

You love to dream big things. You never sell your self short. You have always went farther than before. However you’ve placed yourself into that bleak because of that loss, that misfortune, that hard break. You were disheartened and you have strayed away from the ranks thinking how you could’ve made a mistake.

Here are some tips 2015-08-08 20_54_18-Google Image Result for http___www.eyesoffaith.org_eoflogosm.jpgfor you:

  • look up,
  • surround yourself with winners, and
  • find a place where you can dream again.

I love how Joel Osteen recalled these scriptures often in his sermons:

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for”

Therefore, have those eyes of faith. Those eyes that see success in the middle of misery. God will turn things upside down. It might not happen right away as you want it. But don’t be upset. Instead, remember that God loves you so much He can’t afford to let you down. He’s going to increase you in his perfect timing for your best interests.

Cheer up!


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