Don’t saturate your endeavors with past glories

On of the most common lessons in physics is about projectile motion where one learns how to describe motion quantitatively in terms of position changes and speed changes over a period of time. You may have recalled that the acceleration due to gravity serves as the reason why the vertical speed will decrease as an object is released moving up. The higher the height, the lower the instantaneous speed.

It doesn’t have to be that way in our life’s endeavors. After one breakthrough, you might be thinking that the next big thing to happen in your life will be more difficult. Thus, you might think that all you can do is just a little above, a little more interesting, a little more revolutionary than your previous feat. God doesn’t want it that way.

God want’s us to do more than the previous generation. God wants us to do better than our previous projects. God wants us to achieve far exceedingly more than what we can imagine. We are not projectiles being given an initial speed and then left in motion on our own and the pull of gravity. Instead, God propels us like a plane, with his unfailing love and his enabling power to show us His wonders and to share in His glory – to places we’ve never dreamed of.


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