My Salute to Adam Heller’s Revolutionary Work for Fibromyalgia Relief

2015-08-09 17_51_10-▶ How to Heal Yourself From Most Chronic Pain Permanently -- Adam Heller with Ja Have you ever been at a point in your life where you just felt you are so messed up, morally, and what’s more hurting is that it’s literally worse than that on the outside? Have you ever suffered chronic, widespread, musculoskeletal pain for about three months already? How about stiffness, soft tissue tenderness, fatigue all throughout your body, and sleep disturbances? You might be one of the 500 million people living around the world today suffering from fibromyalgia.

Are you looking for fibromyalgia relief? Even up to this era, there has not been any image processing or any laboratory techniques able to diagnose the onset of fibromyalgia. Hence, health science has no final word on its relief. Fibromyalgia is not a disease – it is a syndrome, by which even up to this moment many healthcare professionals believe that the major symptoms experienced by fibromyalgia patients are either imaginary or a result of depression. While some people or even your friend tells you that you don’t have to find relief because you are not really ill, your conviction tells you that what you feel is real, and yes it is! They do not have the right to tell you what’s going on with you.

Even with this disparity, there is one idea wherein both sides do agree: that they want to find relief from it. To start with, let us take it at the microscopic level. The normal body functions in a way that the brain still has that presidential jurisdiction. When a part of the body is not working well, president brain will use specialized funds and other resources to compensate that economic loss. The signalling units of the brain, called neurons, are at the front lines of detecting pain. So, theoretically, they should be the target for relief.

The figure below shows how a healthy neuron’s behavior is compared to that which feels pain: In the figure, the behavior of a neuron is characterized by voltage fluctuations. Like a thin wire

neuron behavior with pain

that heats up and even breaks when drawing huge amounts of current, the neuron or the controlling unit becomes

dysfunctional causing more trouble to

the body. Thus, an impaired body hurts and the hurt causes more impairment, and then pain, and so on.

It makes sense, therefore, that having a positive attitude really matters for the relief of a fibromyalgia patient. But just about how are you going to succeed in this journey of relief alone? If I could just take it from you right now, I certainly would. But what if it is I who has fibromyalgia, would you take it away from me as well? You would say you would, in my relief I hope. My point is that, we each live our own lives and we might not be there for each other most of the times. As what has worked for me, cast your burdens to God and He will carry you through. Find God through your friends or with the people who truly understands you. Let me introduce you to Adam Heller’s Zero Pain Now, his relief program might just be the one you’re looking for. I happen to read his book and learned how his program works. It was a success to get results of about 98% totally permanently pain-free compared to the result of traditional pain management medications and treatment which has 59% chance to just-get-by and without any guarantee at all.


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