They Call it the Power of the Mind: Create and Control

LucyIn the 2014 movie Lucy, the idea of pushing the mind to perform at its 100% capability was fictionally portrayed. In the end, Lucy has “sort of” became a god. If that’s the case then, we should start developing those types of drugs. But no, whatever, all we know is that optimistic people truly has an edge over the pessimistic ones. This already tells us one thing: a mind that works well accomplishes great things and gives great impact to the body as well.

In another perspective, one of the four general goals of the great founding Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew was about providing pleasant housing – the principle of working good in a good environment. Now, every office in Singapore is air-conditioned. It made sense: office workers can tolerate more jobs, analysts can solve more difficult problems, and administrators can better manage their institutions. Don’t you think it is because of the mind? It doesn’t overheat anymore because of the cooling system.

Every bit of unbelievable technology was conceived from the mind. We do believe in the ability of the mind to create. But do we also believe in the ability of the mind to control? Maybe not the remote control idea, rather, control emotions or control health. Those who do have been there already. In this present generation, science hasn’t come up yet with the most objective description of how the mind works at the nano-scale level. Biology tells us that cells die and new cells are born and the imbalance of these belongs to those factors that would explain aging. But is it really necessary that we live a painful life in our old age? We are very optimistic about this that is why many vitamin-filled food items have been trending on the news pages.

Take this excerpt from “Pain as a Perceptual Experience” by Albert L. Ray , Rhonwyn Ullmann , and Michael C. Francis. The hologram technology is a product of quantum mechanics. By allowing two or more laser beams to converge within a region of space, a three dimensional real image is produced – a real image but not an object. A hologram’s resolution can be increased by introducing more laser beams from different directions. The more laser beams, a better image is produced. By this essence, laser projections can be analogous to qualia. Qualia are the quanta of our brain perception according to the world we live in. This is the thing: some qualia can be up to 90% outsourced from the memory locations of the brain. Therefore, our perception of pain could be a result of memory calls in the hippocampal regions of the brain. You might be aware of the term synaptic plasticity. As two neurons interact closely, their co-activation threshold potential becomes lower. In other words, their communication efficiency increases allowing message passaging to flow easily, functins become more coordinated. This is how neuroscience explains muscle memory that is exhibited by athletes who improve their skills by doing some rigid training. In the sense of pain, this still works – but the effect has totally a negative effect to the health of a person.

There are still a lot of things being explored by neuroscientists all over the world. It is the hope of the current generation that we would come up to a time when the mind’s ability to create and control be exploited to its maximum.


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