Your next past is your present: do well

In physics you may have been told that time is not a vector. That time does not associate a particular direction with it, it is always a measure of the future time minus the present time and not the reverse.

You could take this as a lesson in life. Maybe you’ve been through hard-earned achievements, difficult times, notorious environment, unhealthy lifestyle, abusive words from your boss, and others. Your past may have affected how you think today. So if you want that in your next present (your future) you’ll be looking back at good things, you have to make good of your next past (your present).

2015-08-11 16_29_20-looking back over shoulder - Google Search

If you think you have a BAD PAST, it’s time to turn things around. It’s time to break those barriers of the past that limit you to what you can do. You may have a poor family background. It’s time to set the bar and make your future generations never even remember  a life of lack. You may have a bad reputation. It’s time to be free from all the limiting words around you. Your parents may failed marriages but you can set a new record. Start fresh. For you to move forward you must not look-back at a bad past. Your past may have affected you but IT DOES NOT DEFINE YOU. Be bold and be courageous because this might not be as easy as it looks. However that is exactly what God sees as faith.

Let’s take these words from Joel Osteen:

“Be the ONE to affect the GENERATIONS TO COME.”


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