3 Quick Reflections for Your 3 Quick Reactions That Shape Your Life

You may have never noticed the things that you do that consistently add up to create who you are. If you were given the chance to know these, and a much bigger chance to control these, would you rather spend some attention to these things.2015-08-15 08_19_26-shape your life - Google Search

[1] Looking back

  • What captures your eyes could stir up your soul. If you take a moment to ponder upon that action, you would discover and learn how you’re going to improve yourself. These types of our reactions usually happens just about anytime and anywhere. If you can remember this by the time you caught yourself looking-back, paying attention to someone or something or some people, re-viewing a scenery, re-clicking, try the following tips:
  1. Ask yourself why did you take a look back.
  2. Pause and reflect upon what you were thinking.
  3. Resolve by yourself anything that needs to be resolved.

[2] “Yes”

  • We have lived in a generation of pretty convincing appeals anywhere and everywhere. You may not realize it but according to some statistics, when a person gets to a decision-making process with everything in his immediate environment all well set-up, he/she would probably say yes. When you are faced with decisions, and this doesn’t  always mean that you’re asked of a yes or no type of question – in fact, most of the times this is just a silent yes, you have to learn to take a pause and be certain of your yes. This would benefit both you and the person you’ve made an agreement with.

[3] Being nervous

  • Usually when you’re faced with a challenging situation that would endanger your self-pride, you’re going to feel this inside. It may not happen all the time but it happens often. You might have done something wrong. You might have placed yourself in an embarrassing situation. You might have been in a fearful situation. You’ve got to remember these 3 things:
  1. Forgive yourself if you’ve done something wrong or just forgive yourself because of feeling like that knowing that God has forgiven you and is watching for your safety.
  2. Remember that you have the favor God, that you are a child of the Most High God.
  3. Breathe the air of freedom and hope for good things to happen.

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