5 Things Your Phone Apps Reveal About You

You may have everything that you need in you phone. It may have acted as your personal tutor, assistant, social ball, secretary, guidance counselor, research assistant, tour guide, accountant, studio artist, sports complex, expression of your vanity or insanity… You could never deny it – your phone apps has become a part of your life in one way or another.2015-08-16 09_02_03-Android Application Development

If you reflect upon the apps you use everyday, you will realize 5 things that your phone reveal about you:

  1. You are creative. It only shows how appreciative you are of carefully crafted stuffs, amazing videos, paintings, back drafts, fiction books, fashion, soothing music. You may not have realized it but exposing yourself to these things allow your imagination to visualize, listen, and feel the things you haven’t done yourself. Maybe one day you could discover that creative potential in you and apply it to whatever your cause in life.
  2. You are intelligent. Not all people know how to make use of apps, especially those who were born before 1970s. It’s out of their system. Don’t you know that every time you open up that search engine you get to learn many things, you’ll find do-it-yourself tutorials of a myriad of topics. You may not be convinced but your phone has given you lots of information everyday. However this knowledge doesn’t necessarily give you a positive count. You may have been exposed to many things that hook you up to thinking about things that doesn’t really move you up to your glorious adventure in life. By the time you’re reading this, you already know about it… or just because you’re intelligent.
  3. You are fun to be with. You’ve got a lot of anything under your sleeves. All these apps that you are using allowed you to be any person with every skill needed anytime and anywhere. You’ve got lots of stories to tell. If you’re not shy enough, you can speak all day about what you’re doing with your phone. You’ve had lots of friends through those game invites. You’ve had your frustrations not having those buy-only items you’re craving for. You’ve had your great successes winning with some stars. You’ve got lots of things to say about the novella you’re currently reading. You’ve had hundreds of watched just-for-fun videos. If you only know how to activate that greatness in you, people will click your follow button and you can help them to enjoy they journey too together with you.
  4. You are a little bit crazy. Have your friends asked you why you are playing those types of games? Well there’s nothing to explain – there’s that craziness inside of you. Whether its naughty or nice kind of craziness, you know it’s only laughable.
  5. You are conscious of your time… or maybe not. You’re using timer apps maybe because you don’t want to waste your time or to schedule your tasks using your phone… Or maybe you’re not. Don’t you think it’s an excitement-killer? Of course it is. But think about this:
  • most of the successful people value time in their endeavors,
  • most of the richest men limit their attention to things that don’t lead to revenue, and
  • most influential belong to those select people who are good in making the most of their time.

God wants you to know that he loves seeing you enjoying those products of human potential. However God also sees that being imprisoned by your vain emotions (let’s just say sometimes) doesn’t do you any favorable result. May your phone lead you to a better and mature you!


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