What True Love Means You Are Old?

You may have been a dreamer. You loved to read stories and fairy tales and romantic novels. You loved to love and be loved. You’ve always hoped for that man or woman in your life to come to pass. Friend, what does true love mean to you when you are already old? What is true love when you are at the edge of your physique? What is true love when you knew that you can have all the prettiest girls in the world with your wealth? What is true love when you’re starting to realize that it’s not a fairy tale?

Here are some key points you might like to consider:

  1. True Love means you’ve got to wait. And in waiting you’ve got to be hopeful. It doesn’t redefines its meaning just because you think that you are coming off of your prime years. No, it doesn’t work that way. The delay does not take away the freshness of love. Even if you get tired of waiting, Remember that love never fails. You are destined to love and be loved. No one can talk you out of it. It may not even look like you’re having good chances at the surface. But if you keep your attitude of faith, you will see and get every romantic dream you’ve ever imagined when you were a teenager. Yes, be skeptical because it doesn’t work for some – to some who didn’t understand God’s favor. Have you learned of stories of young men marrying old women? of young women… well it’s not rare to be obvious. It’s up to you if you live your life in a bitter way, the more you are closing what God has intended for your benefit. God’s not holding back from you. You want God to change the situation, God wants the situation to change you.

  2. True love means you’re not old. What do you think makes a person old? Scientifically speaking, statistics have shown people with more exposure to sunlight have developed more wrinkles. People with too much stress in life, or who have the inability to handle them grows old faster. There are more statements like these. However, have you known that people who had great sexual intimacy have a younger sense of themselves? Well, it doesn’t always mean that love is all sex. I love how Joshua Harris expressed that in his “Boy Meets Girl” that “sex leaves us dissatisfied and hungry for something real, something true.” He was speaking here in the context of those out of marital relations. The point I’m making here is Intimacy begets youth.

  3. True love means commitment. Have you lost your fire? Have you lost all fantasies? Have you already unpoeticized your love affair for the sake of responsibility and candor? It’s your doing. Well it’s not really about sticking to each other just to get by. It is about getting stronger and sharing and extending your love for each other to people who need guidance and security and hope. The true mark of love is commitment. When there’s no commitment then it is just business: you’re good to a person because he/she’s been good to you and/or you must do good to a person because he/she’s already done a good thing to you. It is a risk of not be given back. It is about growing your passion to be unconditional. This could be the reason why Jesus Christ remembered humanity and not the sin: God was in the first place committed to loving me and you.

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