How to Easily Pass an Examination

You’re about to face a challenging test in your life. You must not fail, 2015-08-23 18_54_09-Google Image Result for http___linashiny.com_wp-content_uploads_2012_10_72268768and you must not fail those people expecting you to pass. How much is your confidence that you can do this? What are the things that create tension in your mind to pass? Here are 5 things I applied-and-achieved and didn’t-apply-and-suffered:

If you are looking for a way to maximize your time given a lot of things to study or a short period of time. You can actually learn a month-long study in just a day’s study. Learn these tips you can use for the rest of your life:

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  1. Believe – More than just a prayer, you have to believe that you can do it. If that sounds egoistic to you, how about this: believe that God wants you to have it! If you will, everything will be just a piece of chicken. Even physics topics will just be like 1+1. Yes you may have scored poorly in your previous exams – but that does not limit you of what you can do with what’s ahead. Know that all people are having those “No, I can’t” mindset, however only a few make good decisions to set these negative thoughts aside and focus on what they want to do. Negative thoughts are helpful to see limitations and impossibilities. However positive thoughts are helpful to overcome your limitations and impossibilities.2015-08-23 18_55_08-i can do this - Google Search
  2. Work – In the natural, people don’t like to work. But when you start to realize that when you do something you earn something, that is the time when people love to work – some even die for it. Work could give you happiness, money, food, friends, and purpose in return. Think about your reward. What can you get out of that exam? Remember it, then work for it. It is unfortunate that most people believe in shortcuts – Dream – No-Work – Tan-tananan-Success. Well, FYI that actually happens in the perspective of those who made a decision to work. The favor of God is upon you and everything just works out by itself and you wouldn’t even remember getting tired along the way. When you work out with the requirements  for your exam, you will certainly see results that far outweighs your initial labor.2015-08-23 18_56_16-study - Google Search
  3. Share – When you are up to something, you talk it out with your friends. You either get some help or get some laugh. Don’t worry whichever way you’ll get what you want – you’ll pass the exam. By sharing to people who are close to you about your exam, about how desperately you want it, about how much time do you spend studying, about what topics you find most difficult, about the amount of money you need, anything about the exam, you are releasing the tension that keeps you from working effectively. At the same time you build an accountability so other people can understand what you’re going through. I’m an introvert, and I know this is hard, and I’ve suffered a lot of times. But even with just 1 friend you can do this. You can share to God. But God will tell you, share it to your friend – that is another thing, a by-product I want you to learn in this situation.2015-08-23 18_56_58-share - Google Search
  4. Survive – I loved the very-down-to-earth quote from a friend of mine “ayaw ibaylo ang imong kaugmaon sa kakapoy” whose context means that you must not sacrifice your future for drowsiness – because this was told in the context of students doing their thesis, working overnight. If you take this on a bird’s eyes’ perspective, you will realize that after all, the concept of survival is most fulfilling for humans – you might have been hooked with Survivor Series. When you see them do anything just to survive you look at these people as being so relentless. If you take advice from exam passers, you might say in response, “you’re such a great person! Unbelievable!” – this is because you are looking at how big the obstacle is, however the survivor looks at the much bigger prize. When you believe, work and share, you’re headed to survive from the temptations of mediocrity and bloom a crafty, colorful butterfly victor!2015-08-23 18_57_50-survive - Google Search
  5. Again – Life is a series of ups and downs. I don’t know if any people has perfected this series to achieve an outstanding examination result. Along the way, you might be tempted to do some other things that would keep you from studying your notes – a bunch of other things that are, let’s just say, valid. Don’t dwell on the feeling of guilt. Don’t think that because of having some loop holes in life you’ll never get to reach your heart’s desire. No, God is still excited for you to receive the prize he has in store for you – just as a father wants to see his son walking again from a stumble. His grace is more abundant than your consequence. We all have things going on in our lives. Don’t make excuses – that’s what successful people do. Don’t be afraid of moving forward from a failed past. But be afraid of dwelling in a failed past though. Remember what didn’t work out well and be quick to let go of the feelings of guilt – receive forgiveness from God and start to believe again, work again, survive again, or even do-it-all again. You have all that it takes to pass the exam!2015-08-23 18_58_24-fail forward - Google Search

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