How to Prove God’s Existence

2015-08-25 10_53_22-Finally learn how to prove God,the Holly Bible to be proven fact including the aI believe in God because I have seen Him through my eyes of faith. However, to those who do not believe this truth, you would just wander farther away because you are listening to the accusing voices. Know who you really are by understanding that God is real – his inspiration on you is not your own creative idea. That book above might help you see the difference.2015-08-25 11_21_33-dna to universe - Google Search

As a physicist, I have learned how things work together perfectly consistent in what we so-called laws of nature. The DNA and protein folding, the heliocentricity of galactic substance, the flows in the universe, the entropy increase, the classical motion, the field theory, the quantum world, the standard model – all are very consistent to follow a certain rule. But in these rules, where is God?

I am speaking in my own opinion here, “God is the maker of it all”. He made it that way so it can stand by itself. But He can tweak these laws if He wants to – He is all power. To the unbeliever, these words of mine would sound biased  – like one from a fanatic. Yes, I am a fan of God, more importantly, I am one of His adopted children and I will live forever in glory with Him and for Him. But I also want to speak of these things at the metaphysical POV.

2015-08-25 11_27_54-intimacy with god - Google SearchEver since I was young, I asked questions about anything. I am a normally curious person but I am an abnormally resolve-seeking individual. I really really look for answers. I was brought up in a Christian community and I am thankful for it. With that, in an early age I was able to listen, understand and believe that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Lord. I read the Bible and I feel Him. I pray and I hear Him answer. I sing and I saw Him listening. But it was not everyday – I meant about that feeling.

In college, I went into another place other than my hometown. My church mates were in another community. It gave me a new perspective of what Christianity means. I realized that it is a lifestyle. By then I started to experience God in every way. I’m not saying that I became perfect, but I was far better than before. We were having a very good community of believers in a bar-like place where we jam for music all with lyrical bits of Scripture. I am sure that God is real. In addition to that, just like most Christians I am so passionate about sharing Christ. I would do anything just to evangelize. It was how I see things during that time.

After I finished my master’s degree in physics, I met the real world. 2015-08-25 11_46_39-physics teaching - Google SearchHaha. I mean, I’m on the actual field. I was on the academe and it is quite different from how I expected it to be. I thought of it to be very exciting, having lots of ideas, helping students understand difficult concepts, solutions, and anything that could bring this generation to the next level. However, most students are not like that. Harshly speaking (during how I see things that time), students seem to be arrogant, timid and dumb – and they don’t meet my standards. Enough of that! I was not a good teacher because I am controlling my students my way. As I continued learning lessons in life, I realized that teaching is bringing about the nicest things in people, guiding them and helping them to reach their full potential – to which most of the time requires a broad perspective of things and a mountain of patience. My initial approach would only limit students – it is never effective. I started to apply thinking about what and how students would think in every bit of the way I do my lesson presentation… That is the IDEA: I have to work with the metaphysics of education. I have to see things in the bird’s eye view.

I applied this way of thinking to my faith in God. I know about a lot of links between the Bible and reality. But in my opinion, it is not enough to erase all doubts. I am not convinced of any proof or disproof about God in terms of philosophy. To my judgment, there will always be loopholes of consistency in any given explanation. And then it came to me. The idea that resolves the dilemma: I don’t have to prove God’s existence. This is not to surrender my faith, it is actually to promote it. The Bible has clearly emphasized that God is pleased with man’s faith. And though He intervenes to show His power often, He does not cause humans to change their own will.

2015-08-25 12_05_24-faith - Google SearchSo this is how I prove God’s existence and why I would continue following God and strive to know Him more: GOD IS CONSISTENT. He said it must be by faith. If He would show up and just prove himself in the most basic logic, then it would not be faith at all. In every intervention He has made, He was certain that it is enough only to introduce his character to people but not to prove himself forcing people to follow Him. To conclude, it is much better for us Christians to live a life that reflects the character of Jesus Christ than to search for proof. This is always the answer to the to-see-is-to-believe mindset of the unbelieving world.


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