Learn to PLAY PIANO in 1 Week for FREE: Introduction

Do you know that anyone who appreciates music can DO MUSIC? Given the right mindset and the right training, you can be able to play a musical instrument. Who told you that you can’t?2015-09-02 03_46_57-play piano - Google Search

WHO CAN PLAY PIANO? I say the young or the old. The meek or the bold, you can learn to play piano in a week. I didn’t say master piano – just learn to play! And when I say play piano, it means that you have the ability to explore for yourself and create your own course by yourself or with a personal mentor to master piano and PLAY LIKE A PRO. Just follow these series of posts and see for yourself how you go with it.

This is a training I have developed for myself and the people I have tutored to learn to play piano. Just for you to know, I am not a pro piano player. But what’s amazing is, I can play. I am just an ordinary person who loves music, and loves to sing and jam. I might just be someone like you. I can’t lead you into mastery. But I can help you with a good start – THEORY with PRACTICE.

WHAT THINGS DO YOU NEED? You need a drums set – no. You need a piano, of course. Let me provide you a list:

  1. Piano or Electric Piano – You might consider borrowing from a friend, as long as you take good care of it. You could also use your very own app – that’s great. However, my training is based on an actual piano.2015-09-02 03_56_06-electric piano - Google Search
  2. Notes – Successful people take notes. Not copy what the tutor wants to copy but to record your very own learning process or result. We will also use that not only as a journal but also as a log book to help you monitor the hours you spent – so you won’t forget that you have other things to do.2015-09-02 03_57_33-note journal - Google Search
  3. A Song Piece (in mind) – Take any song that you want. You’ll be using that for the whole week. Then we’ll see if this training works for you.2015-09-02 04_03_29-song all of me lyrics - Google Search
  4. A Friend – This learning is not very easy given the amount of time. You need a friend to come along. Music is partially relative so you will need to have at least 1 person to be with you as you go along.2015-09-02 04_04_21-two friends play piano - Google Search
  5. 2 Hours This is actually up to you. You could have it 15 minutes. However, by experience, it doesn’t work if you are to awaken that pianist in you. For that 2 hours is more than enough for your mind to be free from other activities. In that way you’ll be able to let out that creativity in you. Also just 2 hours because you might need to do other things necessary for your bills, or for your family, or for your study.2015-09-02 04_13_36-2 hours time - Google Search

WHEN DO WE START? A week from now, we will start. I will still have to arrange my schedule and prepare some other things like possible ways to communicate or answer your inquiries.

WHAT WILL I GAIN OUT OF THIS? I want you to know that this is not a trick. That is why I want to be honest with you in the first place. This is business – well, not much about just money. I’m a goal-oriented person and I want something to gain personally out of this experience. Here are things I project to be beneficial to me:

  1. I can help my friends without sacrificing my welfare. Some of my friends encouraged me to do some tutorial. But I’m a busy person. I can’t be available to many in one time. Here, I can reach out to as many people as I can at the same time.
  2. I can gauge how my approach works in a global perspective.
  3. I can establish my own book in playing various musical instruments.
  4. I can attract more visitors in this site that I am developing.
  5. I can move up in playing piano as well.

So  see you then. By the way, here’s my facebook if you want to see me there.

2015-09-02 04_11_18-James Babanto Salig Jr.


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