Acoustic Guitar

Back in my early years I used to remember only three chords: A D and E, and I can sing any song with it. After a while I memorized other chords like G, C and F so I can shift from one pitch to another. The latter was hard though because my fingers weren’t strong enough at first. Then I added more chords to make smooth flows and good transitions. For about 4 years of just passive learning I was able to know chord relationships, the idea of family chords without really having lessons.

2015-08-09 14_45_49-Chord Charts - Excel

I went into a home school for guitar playing with notes. There I saw how I can translate music into programmable language. I wasn’t able to finish that because I went to another place to pursue my BS Physics course.

I happen to meet highly-talented and overly-generous friends in a Christian ministry especially, Remi, Chilton, and Don. I have learned a lot being with them just passively. They greatly influence my passion and my skills in playing musical instruments.

When I started my teaching career back in my hometown I happen to meet a really good transformation in my guitar playing mentality. It is from Josh Wilson.

When I transferred to another workplace, I happen to partner with JP and I was amazed at his dedication and skill to play. He inspired me to learn more by training myself back to the basics effectively – sound and crisp.


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