A growing number of statistics have shown that people who hated but then studied math improved their ability to speak and write. Guys, I cannot prove it to you by now, but I believe that doing some math courses will tweak your brain in a different way. These areas of the brain awaken wisdom and understanding. And2015-08-25 18_07_50-megan young - Google Search there is no other way to harness or awaken this analytic sense than to do your math.

What if your math teacher is as beautiful as Megan Young, would that encourage you? Well, I would study overnight every day… hahah. I think the big factor that takes away the potential enjoyment in taking math subjects is that math is mostly formal – in another context, boring. I love math because I don’t know. haha. Math needs formality so that every definition are precise, never lacking in content, and then deductively leading to theorems.

If you understand math, you become more mature as a person. If you don’t, well… I don’t know what to say. Math comes to each of us formally or maybe informally out-of-school. It is not just a subject, it is a way of life. It is a thinking skill and at the same time a science – it is observed and given an experiment. Math is the backbone of physics. Without math, weather prediction would be impossible – robotics, smart phones, laptops, etc.

If you need assistance maybe this could help you:

2015-08-25 18_21_45-How To Study Smarter - Get Better Grades In School Or CollegeI would love to help you if you want me to. Become like one of my students and discover for yourself the enjoyment that math can offer you. If you have any difficulties, you can email me or place your comments. I might be able to give you a quick answer for your hard problem.


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